“Pretend you’re my boyfriend. Please.”

She’s a stranger. Big blue eyes. Innocent.
Way too pure for my dirty hands.
I should tell her to run. I’m bad news. The worst kind.
But I’ve never made a habit of doing the right thing.

I kiss her because I want her.
I want those cherry lips tangled up with mine.
I want to claim her. Own her.
I want her to learn that she doesn’t make the rules.

She doesn’t get to decide what’s pretend and what’s real.
I do.
But she’ll have plenty of time to learn to obey me. To surrender.
I’ll enjoy every pleasure-soaked minute of teaching her.

But she has no idea who I am.
I’m Angelo Luciani. Head of the Luciani crime family.
It turns out I’m not the only one with a secret.
She’s the daughter of my most bitter rival: Rosiano Torretti.
They say nothing can come between a man and his daughter.
But they’re wrong, I did one better…
I knocked her up.

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