His Paladin by J.P. Oliver PDF Download

His Paladin by J.P. Oliver PDF Download

Description of His Paladin by J.P. Oliver PDF

Escaping to a world of fantasy is something we all do. Be it a good book, a movie, or whacking your friends with foam bats, we all have a way to release from the day-to-day drive. But sometimes playtime turns into something more.

He would have ridden in on a white horse.

Raine is a big fan of the medieval ages. He spends most of his weekends at a castle encouraging others to act out their swords-and-sorcery dreams. But when a curious soldier walks into his life, the usually confident and creative single dad finds himself at a loss. And maybe just a little bit in awe.

Quinn is deeply intrigued by Lochmire Castle’s owner and daughter. Having always wanted a family, he can’t help but imagine the possibilities. But a long-past tragedy keeps him from moving forward, one that he isn’t ready to reveal to anyone.

Raine is stressed beyond belief when his creative life takes a turn for the rowdy. Can Quinn help him rub off a few of his worries? Or will Raine’s new knight fall short?

His Paladin is a gay romance novel intended for adults only. Like any good fantasy, we promise they’ll live happily ever after. But what will it take to get there?

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  • Name: His Paladin
  • Author: J.P. Oliver
  • Publish Year: 2019
  • Format: PDF/EPUB
  • Price: Free

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