The Grass Cutter Sword: A Young Adult Romantic Fantasy (The Healer Series Book 3) by Anaya C.J

The Grass Cutter Sword A Young Adult Romantic Fantasy (The Healer Series Book 3) by Anaya C.J

#1 Hot New Release in Teen & Young Adult Country & Ethnic Fairy Tales & Folklore

War is coming, and the veil between life and death is weakening.

As a trusted member of the Samurai Rebels, it is up to Mikomi to gather information that will stop her father from creating a kami army. Katsu’s constant interference impedes her progress, and she is torn between her duty to the world and her love for one very reluctant rebel. Unfortunately, more than one party is interested in using the kami army for their own malicious purposes.

Mikomi’s enemies quickly multiply as a plot far more devious in nature is unearthed. Though Musubi works to prepare her for the many dangers she must face, remaining within the palace walls may no longer be an option. She must protect herself against nekomata disguised as normal humans, while a far greater threat lurks within the heart of a man whom she loves and trusts.

You will enjoy this book if you like


    • young adult science fiction and fantasy


    • asian gods and goddesses


    • romantic myths, legends, and folklore


    • supernatural creatures and romantic suspense


    • coming of age love stories and epic adventures


    • paranormal romance and mythological creatures


  • swords and sorcery and ancient civilizations

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