When gang activity crops up in Denver, threatening to wipe out all Shifter life, who will be there to save the community?

Ever since their first, disastrous investigation, Peter has felt like a fish out of water. The guilt he carries with him every day weighs heavily on his shoulders. The last thing he wants is the same thing to happen again. So, when he finds himself at a fresh crime scene, he withdraws into himself. It’s only when he meets a victim of the gang that he is drawn out of his shell.

Boisterous was the word that Thomas had used to describe himself for years, but now that the nature of his job was changing, he found himself worrying about the future more than making people laugh. Somehow he’d lost his spark, his lust for life, and all he wanted was to get it back. Thomas hates the bitter person that looks back at him in the mirror. That’s not who he is, or what he stands for, so he takes a personal journey of self-discovery… and finds love when he least expects it.

Being the only woman of the group was the way Cecilia liked it. She’d always been better friends with men than women. The group needed stable shoulders to lean on and usually she was up to the task, but the increasing strain of the investigations was taking it’s toll. There were cracks growing inside of her, she could feel it. She needed support, someone to take care of her while she took care of others and, unbeknownst to her, the forest had a plan to give her a Shifter that could do just that.

Everything came down on Baxter hard. Coping was tough for everyone, but the quiet, contemplative man of the group couldn’t handle the stress. Then, when his girlfriend of ten years breaks up with him, Baxter turned to alcohol to numb his pain. Everyone around him became concerned when things spiraled out of control—everyone aside from Baxter. When he’s sent on a trip to rehab, he feels like everyone in his life has betrayed him. There’s no going back… but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, someone going through the same as him.

Arrow finds himself newly divorced in the middle of his life. His friends and coworkers are distancing themselves from him. Wolf Moon Security is struggling to stay afloat. He is lost and afraid, unsure of what he will have to face with every new day. He buries himself in his work, even though he knows it’s unhealthy. When his work takes him to a motel room, he helps out a stranger and, in return, the universe drops a new love into his lap.

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